The Book of Time


Ensemble Elektra The Book of Time, Milo Records Jan 5,2000 by Muzikman, Keith Hannaleck

Elektra Kurtis-Stewart has a colorful cast of musicians on her solo CD entitled "The Book Of Time." Stewart wanted to express her experiences through the music by composing a group of world beat fusion songs with a base of jazz as a springboard for that sound. It works very well. Every artist is from a different country while the main focus, Elektra is of Greek origin. Every member lends their expertise and style of their native lands music to the melting pot of jazz stew. Traditional folk songs are interpreted in the groups own unique style of multicultural vision with influences ranging from Greece, Egypt, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

A very American approach is taken as the CD kicks off. The first track is a clever deception as the music leads you to believe it is contemporary jazz peppered with some good old rock and roll. It couldn't be further from the truth as the music progresses the true colors begin to shine through and it eventually shapes and molds itself into a world-jazz-fusion gem. Each subsequent track is a true shining star in it's own right. Every track offers a variety and an exceptional overview of jazz music as seen through eyes of many different musicians of the world. It comes together very quickly as the group transforms into a well tuned unit of jazz improvisation.

Elektra Kurtis-Stewart is a genius in every sense of the word. To invoke the true spirit of music on a world level is a gift. Stewart plays the violin with style, grace and passion. The violin integrates very well in the world-jazz idiom. This a very enlightening and enjoyable fusion experience. óMuzikMan/Jan. 05, 2000